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Marriage Counseling for Troubled Relationships

Marriage Counseling for Troubled Relationships troubled relationship 300x200Are you struggling in a marriage or other serious relationship and wondering whether or not to “throw in the towel”? Have you and your partner lost your passion and are you wondering how to revive the fire? Many years of research has determined marriages can be enhanced or restored. Even the most troubled relationship can be saved.

We use assessment and practice tools based on over 25 years of research on marriage and relationships. We adhere to proven principles for improving communication and understanding, resolving long-term conflict, deepening friendship and intimacy, and creating closeness and connection. Principles and techniques based on Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) and the Gottman Method are applied in a unique and customized way to match each couple’s needs and goals.

Whether you are ready to come as a couple, or if your partner will not come to counseling with you, please contact us to receive some much needed support. Take the first step and we can talk through how to help your partner become more motivated to change. Your spouse will change only when he/she knows you will no longer be silent about the problems. Do something now while you still have feelings for your spouse. If you wait too long, you may lose the desire to try and someday you may no longer care. This most important relationship in your life is worth the effort!

Let’s get started on creating your blueprint for happiness and harmony. Appointments are usually scheduled within just a few days from your phone call. Please contact us today!