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Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

You may feel like you have been having the same fight with your significant other for years. Every time you have an awful fight you swear you will never fight again but the next day it is the same fight all over again. Or perhaps, like many couples who show up in therapy, you are feeling distant and disconnected and feel confused and alone. If you are caught in a never ending cycle of bickering, fighting, or disconnect, Emotionally Focused Therapy is for you.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples provides a clear, specific and research-based blueprint so we know exactly how to help couples decrease conflict, heal, and grow stronger. EFT is based on years of research and is the most scientifically validated form of therapy for couples in the world. 90% of couples who have received EFT report improvement in the relationship and 70%-75% report a full recovery.

Why Do We Focus on Emotions?

EFT is founded on the belief that emotions are the foundation upon which we build our relationships. If you can improve your emotional response to your spouse, it will become easier to get along and treat each other with love and respect. As humans we do not act completely on logic. In fact, most of our decisions are based on emotion. If we can change how we feel about those around us our behavior will also change in a positive direction. If you think of your relationship as a dance, your emotions are the music to the dance. As our emotions change, the music changes, and so does the dance.

Emotionally Focused Therapy Process

EFT is divided into three stages. Couples need, on average, 12-20 sessions to successfully work through these phases of healing and growth. The length of time varies depending on how long the couple has been in distress and a variety of other factors that will be assessed.

The first stage is to assess and stabilize the relationship. In this stage we:

  • Identify and decrease conflict
  • Promote understanding and empathy for each other
  • Begin to heal from past hurts

In the second stage the relationship is strengthened as we:

  • Continue to heal from past hurts
  • Help both partners share their needs
  • Promote greater feelings of understanding and acceptance
  • Build a loving bond and connection

In the final stage we integrate positive new emotions and behaviors into the relationship by:

  • Creating new solutions
  • Reinforcing new patterns of emotions and behavior
  • Creating new dreams and ways of sustaining a close, loving relationship

Help is Here For You!

Lisa Baker has received advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. Couples are finding EFT to be an effective method of resolving differences, alleviating distress, and creating a safe bond and loving connection. See what other couples are saying in our Testimonials section. Contact us today and receive the assistance you need to save your relationship.