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Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling getting married 300x200I love working with engaged couples! It is such a happy and exciting time! Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, yet I also know that research repeatedly reveals that married individuals are happier, healthier, and wealthier than our non-married counterparts. With that type of research on our side, who wouldn’t be excited about marriage?

I am also a realist. I agree with Dr. John Gottman, one of the nation’s foremost experts on marriage, who says that when you choose a spouse, you are also choosing a set of problems. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly. On the contrary, it is the most important, difficult, excruciating, and exhilarating experiences of life! Because of that, Pre-Marital Counseling should always be one of the most important activities during the engagement period.

Years of research shows that couples who receive relationship counseling before they say “I do” are much more likely to keep those marriage vows. Pre-marital counseling has been shown to reduce the divorce rate by 30%. Research also indicates significant differences favoring those who received pre-marital preparation. In one study, couples who participated in the PEPARE/ENRICH pre-marital program significantly increased their couple satisfaction.

I am a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. For over 30 years, PREPARE/ENRICH has led the way in helping couples explore and strengthen their relationships. This program has helped over 3 million couples prepare for marriage. The first component of PREPARE/ENRICH is a research-based, customized, and secure online assessment that takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. You will then be given professional feedback about the strengths and areas for improvement of your relationship, individual personality styles, and other factors that affect your relationship. With that knowledge, we will use PREPARE/ENRICH proven exercises to help enhance communication, build conflict resolution skills, manage stress, work toward your goals, and much more. For further information about PREPARE/ENRICH please visit their website at

If your wedding day is fast approaching, or if you’re considering getting married, don’t wait to start the process of preparing for and enriching the very most important relationship of your life! Please contact me today to schedule your first private session.