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Lisa is a compassionate and skilled therapist

Lisa is a compassionate and skilled therapist. The DNMS process is thorough and helped me to discover the underlying causes of my negative behaviors. I learned new ways of coping with the daily stressors in my life and it has made a huge impact in my life and my relationships with others.”

- Anonymous, St. Petersburg, FL

Lisa has made a huge difference in our lives

My wife and I credit Lisa with saving our marriage. Starting at our 1st meeting, she went to work, helping us sort through a major family crisis and over the course of subsequent meetings, armed us with effective communication strategies and tools that we will use for the rest of our lives. Lisa has made a huge difference in our lives! A Satisfied Client

- Anonymous, St. Petersburg, FL

Lisa saved our marriage

Lisa saved our marriage. Infidelity had wrecked our marriage of 42 years. After much tension and arguing, ignoring the issues, and trying to work out the problems on our own, we decided to try counseling as a last effort. Lisa’s patience, ability to listen and lead discussions, eventually got to the root of our issues. Her nonjudgmental attitude was instrumental in helping us work through our various emotions and the angst that was just below the surface. Only then could progress be made, as she coached us to find solutions. Today we have a great appreciation for the power of marriage counseling and Lisa’s ability to work with those who want to keep a marriage together and get to a place where not only is the marriage saved, but improved.

- Anonymous, St. Petersburg, FL

You really found the heart of our issues.

You really found the heart of our issues. I never thought things could turn around so quickly. I can't thank you enough. Starting on a counseling path with you is one of the best decisions we've ever made.

- Anonymous

I am very grateful!

My first experience with a therapist for my anxiety was with Lisa Baker. How fortunate I was! Lisa is very personable, compassionate, and nice. Lisa made we feel at ease and I connected with her right away. After meeting with her, I was able to use the counseling and tools she gave me to manage my anxiety. I really appreciated the value she saw in my attending Al-Anon Family Group meetings. I was also relieved that I only had to take my anxiety medication for a few months. I am very grateful for Lisa and the counseling she provided me.

- Betty Massey